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Paths to Achieving Health Equity

March 3, 2022

Center for Health Justice Founding Director Philip Alberti to Speak at University of Buffalo

Centering Community Engagement to Achieve Health Equity, CTSI Annual Forum, March 16 2022, Keynote Speaker: Philip M. Alberti, PhD. Photo of Philip Alberti.

AAMC Center for Health Justice Founding Director Philip M. Alberti, PhD will be the keynote speaker at the 2022 University of Buffalo Clinical and Translational Science Institute Annual Forum on March 16. Alberti will discuss “Centering Community Engagement to Achieve Health Equity” at the forum, which will run from 12:30 to 4:45 p.m. on Zoom. Register here to watch the forum live on March 16, and to see the full agenda.

"A national reckoning is underway"

To Dr. Alberti, the COVID-19 pandemic has made health inequities even more visible, and more pronounced.

“For those who weren’t convinced before COVID, and there are still many, many people who are not convinced, I think the lesson has been that our systems, structures, and policies are inequity-creating machines,” Alberti says. “At every point during the pandemic — likelihood of exposure, infection rates, care access, clinical trial participation, testing access, vaccine access, economic impacts, education impacts, morbidity, mortality — our societal structures churned out brand new health and social inequities as we all watched, and as we all lived it.”

Learn more about the CTSI Annual Forum and Register Here