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A more just society creates healthier communities.

Working together, we are a movement to improve the health of communities.

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Who We Are and What We Do

The Center for Health Justice offers a space to work together and look beyond medical care to the other factors that create opportunities for communities to thrive.

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Watch a short video about the Multisector Partner Group, a coalition from inside and outside health care to guide the center’s partnership building activities.

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Thought Leadership

Clinicians and health care providers must take meaningful action on multiple fronts to boost overall well-being.

December 2, 2022

AAMC CHARGE is looking for five virtual community ambassadors to enrich our coworking health equity space for community members. Apply by December 12.

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Testimony & Correspondence

The Center for Health Justice pools the expertise of the health equity community and its partners to provide important considerations to federal agencies working towards and funding initiatives to address the social, political, and economic determinants of health.

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