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Giving every community an equitable chance to thrive means looking beyond medical care alone. 

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There are persistent political, economic, and social inequities and injustices in all the sectors that serve our communities. These inequities and injustices — in sectors that range from education and transportation to urban planning and environmental health — have a disproportionate impact on the health of marginalized communities.

Health equity can only be achieved by working together. The AAMC Center for Health Justice is committed to partnering with public health and community-based organizations, government and health care entities, the private sector, and community members to achieve our goal of better health for all. We will work together to build authentic collaborations and an aligned agenda to eliminate health inequities in communities across the country.

Introducing the Multisector Partner Group

This group from diverse backgrounds and sectors — including and beyond health care and academic medicine — have been selected to serve three-year terms. The group will use their expertise and leadership to contribute to the strategy and agenda of the Center for Health Justice, and to advance its mission to build cross-sector partnerships that address the complex constellation of social and political factors that contribute to community health and health inequities. This video features the group's members and highlights the importance of collaboration across sectors to achieve health justice. 

Meet the Members

(in alphabetical order)
Almeta E. Cooper, JD
Almeta is an attorney and community leader who works to protect clean air and the health of children.
Ross Jones, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Ross co-founded the UF Health Urban Health Alliance, a multisector community health innovation hub.
Kelly Nelson, MPH
Kelly is a health equity and impact strategist that focuses on improving outcomes for marginalized populations.
Gary C. Norman, JD, LLM
Gary is a lawyer, consensus-builder, coach, and columnist.
Meena Nutbeam, MS
Meena advocates for affordable housing to create more sustainable properties and communities and improve the lives of residents.
Caitlin Rogger, MSc
Caitlin is a public policy leader who works to make urban environments better for health, human development, and growth.
Robert Smith, MS
Robert is an advocate for adolescent health, economic stability, resource allocation, and workforce readiness.
Ruth Thomas-Squance, PhD, MPH
Ruth works in multisector collaborations with diverse partners to promote health equity.
Susan Topping
Susan focuses on developing strategic partnerships to address the root causes of hunger.
Joel Yates
Joel is an artist at Skywatchers/ABD Productions, a community organization that inspires social change through the arts.