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The AAMC Collaborative for Health Equity: Act, Research, Generate Evidence (CHARGE) cultivates the health equity community by advancing collaborative research, policy, and programmatic solutions to health and health care inequities. 

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The vision of AAMC CHARGE is an equitable and just society in which academic health centers and their multisector and community partners:

  • Prioritize health equity research, action and policy change.
  • Partner with communities, families, patients, and sectors outside health care to address the many factors that contribute to a community's health.
  • Advocate for structural changes that address the root causes of health inequities.

AAMC CHARGE participants:

  • Facilitate innovative multisector partnerships, collaborations, and research that contribute to the evidence base for solutions to health and health care inequities.
  • Collaborate on policy work that impacts health equity at institutional, local, state, and federal levels.
  • Share accomplishments and crowdsource opportunities for professional achievement.
Joseph Kim MD

Who's in CHARGE? Joseph Kim, MD

Meet Dr. Joseph Kim, AAMC CHARGE ambassador, physician, and champion for mental, physical, and community health.

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AAMC CHARGE Coffee Break: Community Healing through Art and Poetry

Join AAMC CHARGE and visual poet Monica Ong on June 14 at 1 p.m. ET to explore the power of art to break the silence around health. Art can be a space for people to speak without the risk of "losing face" or dishonoring loved ones about topics like mental health, gender, sexuality, domestic and sexual violence, family, language, and the complex intersections where medical information and deeply held cultural beliefs and biases collide. Could reading poetry by authors from diverse communities also be another form of qualitative data that helps to illuminate the unique social and cultural spaces where important health choices play out and help develop cultural competence in health practitioners? How can art spaces, books, and events create spaces that can ease communities out of silence and towards health and well-being?



Join AAMC CHARGE to connect with a multidisciplinary group of health equity champions and community partners. AAMC CHARGE participants can also join the online virtual community.

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Join the AAMC CHARGE Virtual Community, a digital space to connect and collaborate with health equity champions from across the U.S. 

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The Community Development Sector: A Partner for Health and Racial Equity

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This webinar featured a presentation and Q&A with the Build Healthy Places Network (BHPN), a national organization working to foster collaboration between the community development and health sectors to advance health and racial equity. Ruth Thomas-Squance, PhD, MPH and Ashley Hernandez of BHPN highlighted the many goals the community development sector shares with those working for health equity, and opportunities for collaboration and resources to bring multi-sector partnerships into health equity work.