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Giving every community an equitable chance to thrive means looking beyond medical care alone. 

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There are persistent political, economic, and social inequities and injustices in all the sectors that serve our communities. These inequities and injustices — in sectors that range from education and transportation to urban planning and environmental health — have a disproportionate impact on the health of marginalized communities.

That is why health equity can only be achieved by working together. The AAMC Center for Health Justice is committed to partnering with public health and community-based organizations, government and health care entities, the private sector, and community members to achieve our goal of better health for all. We will work together to build authentic collaborations and an aligned agenda to eliminate health inequities in communities across the country.

In 2022, the Center for Health Justice will develop an initiative intended to make a significant impact on health justice. Its focus will be informed by ideas and recommendations from focus groups and the center’s public polling. The center will gather the opinions and perspectives of people living in the United States on pressing challenges that must be addressed by the center’s third area of focus.

Call for Nominations to the Multisector Partner Group

Begin the application process here
Application Deadline: Feb. 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET

The Center for Health Justice invites nominations for members to its Multisector Partner Group. It seeks eight to 10 members from diverse backgrounds and sectors — including and beyond health care and academic medicine— to serve three-year terms. Sectors include but are not limited to:

  • Arts and Technology
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Food and Water
  • Housing and Real Estate 
  • Health Care
  • Law, Policy, and Governance
  • Neighborhood and Environment
  • Public Health
  • Social and Community Affairs
  • Transportation

The group members will use their expertise and leadership to contribute to the strategy and agenda of the Center for Health Justice, and to advance its mission to build cross-sector partnerships that address the complex constellation of social and political factors that contribute to community health and health inequities.

About the Group

The Multisector Partner Group will initially inform the work of the Center for Health Justice by meeting virtually and collaborating between April and June to develop the All in for Health Equity initiative that will launch later in 2022. Members should anticipate dedicating up to five hours per month for the series of meetings and related pre- and post-work throughout the year.

After June, the group will have an ongoing role in informing the center’s programmatic and partnership building work. The estimated time commitment will be up to three hours per month.

The AAMC is looking to convene leaders who can provide their perspectives and represent one or more sectors of society that can inform the group’s work. Activities may include but are not limited to contributing to decision making; reviewing materials; engaging in trust building activities; and contributing to an AAMC virtual community. The Center for Health Justice is particularly interested in leaders with the following skills: strategic planning, decision making, consensus building, communication, and collaboration.

Members of the Multisector Partner Group will be compensated with a fixed fee of $6,000 in the first year that will be provided in several disbursements. For the second and third years, the stipend amount will be based on the level of anticipated work.

Informational Webinar

An informational webinar with Center for Health Justice program staff will provide an overview of the initiative, the application, and the selection process. The webinar will be recorded and available on this page by Feb. 1.

How to Apply

Nominees should complete the online application no later than Feb. 18 at 11:59 p.m. ET. ET. Contact healthjustice@aamc.org with any questions.

Begin the application process here