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A Population Health Impact Pyramid for Health Care

April 25, 2023

New paper in Milbank Quarterly describes a framework for trustworthiness and multisector coalition building to improve population health.

A new article by Philip M. Alberti, PhD, AAMC Center for Health Justice founding director, and Heather H. Piece, JD, MPH, the center’s director of policy, published in the 100th anniversary special edition of The Milbank Quarterly focused on the future of population health. The article, A Population Health Impact Pyramid for Health Care, explores how in order to meaningfully impact population health and health equity, health care organizations must take a multi-pronged approach that ranges from education to value-based purchasing to advocacy. The authors describe seven tiers of action that, while all required, differ in their potential impact. Foundational to all are authentic community partnerships, demonstrating individual and organizational trustworthiness, and a commitment to implementation and accountability. 

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