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A Research Agenda for Health Justice

Sept. 12, 2023
A Black woman looks up thoughtfully as she brainstorms using sticky notes on a glass wall with her colleagues in the background.

The AAMC Center for Health Justice is committed to using research to inform policies and practices that address systemic inequities and promote the vital conditions for all communities to thrive. To advance these efforts, we partnered with health equity scholars and community leaders from across the United States (AAMC CHARGE and the center’s Multisector Partner Group) to co-develop a health justice research agenda. Together, we will focus on three key areas:


Actions taken to acknowledge and remedy historic injustices and the intergenerational harms caused by slavery, segregation, systemic racism, and other human rights violations impacting descendants of enslaved people of African descent and other populations made marginalized. 


Actions taken to manage the distribution of resources in society to address structural income inequality and improve access to health care, education, property ownership, and economic security.

Civic Engagement

Engaging members of society in political and non-political activities to improve community conditions, quality of life, and social issues through mechanisms such as electoral participation, community activism, advocacy, and volunteering. 

The Center for Health Justice invites your participation and perspective as we take next steps to implement the health justice research agenda across our four areas of focus (trustworthiness, environmental justice, maternal health equity, and data for health equity). This agenda will guide the center’s research activities for the next 2-3 years. If you are interested in joining a research team to address one of the three key areas, please respond by October 6 using the link below. More information about the health justice research agenda, including the research teams, will be available in October. 

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Gary C. Norman, JD, LLM

Policy by Symposium

Multisector Partner Group member Gary C. Norman, JD, LLM shares his perspective on working with AAMC CHARGE on the center's Health Justice Research Agenda.

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