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The Principles of Trustworthiness: A Community-Academic Partnership Model

March 10, 2023

New paper highlights the community-engaged, collaborative process of producing the Principles of Trustworthiness.

A new article published in Frontiers in Public Health outlines the partnership model developed by AAMC Center for Health Justice and AAMC CHARGE to create the Principles of Trustworthiness Toolkit. A nationwide team of researchers remotely filmed over 30 interviews with community members during the summer of 2020 to learn about the lived experiences of diverse communities across the U.S. The team also outlined their methods for conducting the interviews and engaging participants meaningfully in the toolkit development while maintaining COVID-19 safety. "The three-way partnership serves as a successful model for other national medical and health organizations to establish community engaged processes that elicit and prioritize lived experiences describing relationships between AMCs and oppressed communities."

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